The colonial electric supply



Colonial electrical services provide residential areas with quality electrical expertise that puts customers at ease. Finding a reliable electrical company that you can trust to mend electrical faults on time has never been easier. The Colonial electric service providers use the best ethical standards to provide quality electricity based on safety and satisfying the customer’s needs. It provides good education and training while following the standards set by the National electrical code. Paul Carnathan, a master electrician, founded this reputable organization in 1972 which for many years has maintained integrity and excellence by minimizing expenses while maximizing safety and reliability. Daily, Colonial Electrics vehicles flood the city delivering high-quality electricity and providing repair services to businesses and homes. From ceiling fan installation to rewiring a business or home, colonial electrical services is undoubtedly the best.


Electrical services for businesses

At colonial electrician, basic and complex electrical services are provided. Whether you are carrying out electrical code corrections or installing lighting to your business, our electricians are always are ready to help. Some of the services provided include preventative maintenance, electrical shortcomings, wiring for malls and hotels and generator pricings. Getting basement wiring, hot tub wiring, low voltage electric services, electrical panel upgrades and pier wiring has never been easier.

Residential electrical services

For over forty-five years, colonial electric has continued to provide quality electrical services to residents in many states. Your money will not go to waste since it was nominated as one of the best home service providers. A highly competitive and caring team has been made up to tackle some of the toughest electrical problems in your home. Minor electrical issues and major repairs have been minimalized. Colonial Electrical Services has met its desired goal by meeting customers’ requirements and maintaining good relations with them.

How colonial electrical achieves quality services

Team training

Extensive employee training programs have been created to educate the novice electricians from the ground up. Supporting the contractor customer also builds trust in the company. Technical expertise is what makes this electrical company stand out from the rest.

Professional Expertise Enhancement

Customer trade shows, seminars, lunch and learns have been set up to enhance professional expertise. Important topics such as electrical safety and changing electrical code policies are further taught to interested learners and experts.

The Colonial Major Projects, achieve customer goals by tracking the budgetary goals, avoiding inventory backlog, faster and more efficient communication with partners and attaining optimum labor schedules.

In conclusion, the colonial electric provider is a trusted company operating twenty-four hours a day. If an emergency occurs at 2 am in the morning, trust this electric provider to deliver the products you need. The colonial also delivers to job sites in big cities. It has constant supply of items delivering at any location regardless of the time. As a customer, an active account is essential to be part of the Guaranteed 1000 program. Customers have the right to minimize the quantities of the products and substitute product equivalents. What are you waiting for? Make the Colonial electric provider your trusted electric company and enjoy these benefits.